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Pricing is based on Stylist, Senior Stylist, & Lead Stylist Levels. Starting Price and subject to Change 


All consultations are of no charge, but do not guaranty service availability at time of consultation.


Single Process Color with a blow dry.


This is a Double Process Color Service. It requires a consultation to ensure the hair texture can withstand the changes the hair will go through. We love to create the Newest Trends of Fashion Shades of PINK< PURPLE< BLUE< GREY and all the other toning colors you and we can think of...But let us do it in the Healthy Way. Consult first then we PLAY!

Hi-Lite Few

Face framing Hi-lights to complement and soft subtle change of hair color.

Hi-Lite More

Foil Placement is specifically placed thru out the hair for a beautiful multi-dimensional coloring effect,


Foil Placement throughout Hair for beautiful deminsion

Single & Hi-Lite More with Finishing

Single Process Color and face framing foils to achieve that natural color you desire to see

Single & Hi-lite Most and Finishing

Single Process Coloring and Foil Placement to create color and multi dimensional looks with a Blow dry to finish

Single & Cut with Finishing

Single process color and Hair cut with Blow dry

Single & H-lite Few &Haircut w/ Finish

Single process Color, Face Framing Hi-lites and Haircut with Blowdry

Single& Hi-Lite Most &Hair cut

Single process Color with foil placement throughout the hair for a great Multi Dimensional Color.

Smooth 6-8 weeks

Keratin Express can last for up to 6 weeks with proper at home care.

Smooth 4-5 months

Keratin Complex is a smoothing system to help with frizzy, uncontrollable hair for easier styling at home. Will last up to 5 months with proper at home care.


Consultations are preferred to ensure the hair can withstand the chemicals needed to achieve the desired texture you are looking for.


Compliment this service by adding a personalized Treatment to your scheduled appointment. Not sure of which treat to pick? Just ask our team of knowledgable professionals.


Hair is finished with straightening or curling iron, or hot rollers


Special event Styling of all kinds.


Coming Soon

Hair Cut & Style

Master techniques used to achieve desired results. Blow dry to finish the look is a part of this service.

Barbering (men's cut)

For the 'on the go' men and women who do not want to spend time with Shampoo's & blowouts... This quick service is for you!

Children Haircut (under 12 yrs old)

Shampoo, Cutting, Styling for all children under 12 years old.

Dry Haircut no Finishing

Dry cut Service is without shampooing or styling.


Professional Makeup Application. Arrive for reservation fresh faced(clean/no makeup)

Waxing (brow,lip,chin)

Putty wax for sensitive skin is used

KM Experience

This is a Special Treatment to create lasting shine and healthier appearance to the Hair.

Vanilla Bean with rx

Deep Conditioning Treatment preformed in Salon Aerie with the added RX Keratin Serum to boost the strengths and health of your Hair. Add this treatment to any Coloring Service or Blow Out.. Fun to add this Treatment to Haircuts too!

Hydrating Mask

This is a Post Coloring Treatment to add Longevity to any Coloring Service. Don't miss out on this great Post Treatment! It adds Shine, Shine, Shine!

Strengthening Treat

Treatment Services are great to help specific needs of all hair types. This service can be added to any of our many services.

Exfoliating Treat & Hydrating Mask

This can be an ADD ON treatment to any Chemical service before or after. Add a Haircut or Blow Out to this treatment if Coloring Services are not needed at the time of Scheduling.

Bond Fusion

Bond Fusion is a treatment used during any coloring service to give healthier options of coloring hair.. Rebuilds the hair bonds while creating the color of your choosing. Take home treatment is available and recommended to insure best results.

Color Saving Post Treatment

Add-on treat for any service.